Refuse to Surrender

Are your Parkinson’s medications not working as well as they used to? That means more hours a day with shaking, stiffness, or difficulty moving. You find that relief takes longer to kick in and wears off before the next dose. You have more side effects like unwanted movements.

Now is the time to consider other treatment options. One that may be right for you is DBS Therapy. For over 10 years, DBS Therapy has helped people with Parkinson’s get back some of the things they thought they’d lost forever. Get to know DBS Therapy, then talk to your doctor about it. Refuse to surrender to Parkinson’s!

Right Time


DBS Therapy has to be used at the right time. This is not a last resort for down the road, but an earlier therapy option when medications become less effective.

Why Consider DBS Therapy Now?

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